Business Consultant Scottsdale

After 20 years of working and leading large corporations, mid-size startups and entrepreneurial ventures, Kristina Walker started Earnings Elite in 2002 to expand the number of companies she could benefit. Her vast expertise and contagious excitement about business growth helps entrepreneurs and business leaders generate massive transformations within their companies and their lives.

Her passion to help others grow and profit, fuels the energy within the company and within each client partnership. Through consulting, speaking and writing, she strives to add value to an expanding audience with the goal of increasing our population of profitable businesses.

Kristina’s ultimate vision for Earnings Elite is to help millions of people transform the relationship they have between work and money. When we change this relationship to one of excitement and purpose instead of being “hard” and “time driven”, we will open up avenues of revenue beyond most people’s dreams. Education and helping others live their own proof are the drivers behind her passion for the business.

Become an Elite partner and experience Earnings beyond your expectations. Contact us at 480-477-9710 if you want to experience lasting change.