Business Consultant Scottsdale

We offer one-on-one and team strategic consulting sessions to those leaders ready for change. These meetings are scheduled in the comfort of your own office and are conducted via video conferencing or in-person for local Scottsdale businesses.

Our process begins by understanding the company vision and goals with an emphasis on the big “why”. Why is the company in business and who does it serve?  What value does it add to others? Why is this vision important to the owner/leader? Depending upon individual need, we then assess the current financial landscape, leadership structure and/or internal talent to develop a personalized blueprint for growth.

Financial Assessment

Reviewing financial reports is only part of the assessment process. Aligning cash flow cycles, revenue and profit projections, and expansion plans with the company vision is what truly engages our partners and creates lasting, measurable change.

Leadership Assessment

Leadership and organizational structure go hand in hand. Our partner review determines whether a cohesive leadership structure is put in place and how it aligns with the company vision. This comprehensive approach allows us to recommend a quicker path for change and reengages our partners with their ultimate vision.

Talent Assessment

Aligning people within an organization to energetically participate in fulfilling their job outcome is the key to retaining top talent. We work extensively with our leaders to assess, educate and inspire their team to exceed company goals and create an enjoyable and productive work environment.

Working with our clients as partners in the process is vital. We only succeed when our partners are once again reignited with enthusiasm for their company, achieving financial results and regaining personal freedom. This is what transforms our partners into the Earnings Elite.

To see what makes our process unique and become an Earnings Elite, schedule your Strategic Consult today at 480-477-9710. We look forward to becoming your trusted partner in building lasting excitement and long-term growth.